The fellowship program offers a broad range of educational offerings to the T32 fellows to enhance the training experience and support the fellows in their professional development. All fellows must attend a formal course on the responsible conduct of research and the semi-annual half-day T32 retreats and workshops. In addition, all fellows are expected to attend key seminars as well as to invite and host speakers in the weekly Cancer Center Biology Seminar Series and present at the annual Cancer Center Symposium.


HHMI-IMBS Summer Institute

Integrating Medicine into Basic Science, a 5 week IMBS summer institute that introduces scientists to the clinical environment of the UCD Medical Center. The purpose of the T32 fellows enrolling in the summer institute is to enable them to integrate medical principles into their research. During June 30-July 28, 2011, two of our T32 fellows, Christopher Dombrowski and Damon Meyer, attended classes in Anatomy/Pathology/Pathophysiology, weekly directed readings of the literature, and clinical rotations in ER and various Oncology clinics. 

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